How Hiring a VA Can Help You

  • Reduce your workload enabling you to focus on the core elements of your business
  • Hand over tasks that you don’t enjoy or don’t have time to complete, such as chasing invoices, liaising with clients or booking travel
  • Keep control of your costs by paying per hour or a set monthly amount
  • No HR considerations such as employee benefits, holiday/sick pay etc
  • Assist you to become more organised and efficient with your time


Diary management

Travel and accommodation booking

Online research

Document creation

Inbox management

Business Support

Social Media Management

Basic bookkeeping

CRM creation/management

Event co-ordination/support

Client communication strategies

Lifestyle Management

Appointment scheduling

Gift research and purchasing

Restaurant reservations

Holiday and accommodation research

Event venue search

This is just a taster of the kind of services I provide.  If there’s something you need help with but don’t see listed here feel free to contact me to see how I can help.