Time is a luxury, spend it well

It’s time to grow your business

Let me help

At Luxe Virtual Assistant, we assist companies in their growth by providing anything from business support such as bookkeeping and inbox control to ad hoc life admin support such as planning trips and making reservations. We enjoy completing those seemingly mundane tasks, so you don’t have to. We’re all about freeing up your time so you can take your business to the next level.

Hello, I’m Rhiannon

I’m a to-do list completer with a passion for organisation and a love of all things luxury. I’m the founder of Luxe Virtual Assistant, with a talented team of content management whizzes, bookkeeping experts and admin aficionados behind me.

How can we help?

Ad Hoc Support

Need help with those everyday life tasks? From making restaurant reservations and booking holidays to researching party venues and purchasing gifts, let us take a weight off your shoulders.


Virtual Assistant Services

Is your inbox out of control? Your diary in need of an overhaul? Or are you simply spending too much time dealing with admin and not enough time with your loved ones? It’s time for (virtual) assistance.

Online Business Manager

Searching for extra help but not a full-time employee? Our online business managers offer unparalleled support by integrating into your business and learning the ins-and-outs of your set-up.

So how does it all work?

Despite being a remote member of your team, a close working relationship is important (thank goodness for technology!). Although Luxe Virtual Assistants are a part of your operation, you won’t have to worry about employer expenses such as holidays and sick pay. You have total control over how many hours are done, everything is tailored to your needs. Put simply, it’s a cost-effective way to get the work done.

Ready to take the next step?

Sharon O'Connor

“Working with Rhiannon has been so easy. I was at first sceptical about using a VA as I felt I would spend more time explaining. I was very wrong as Rhiannon picked everything up so quickly and efficiently that she actually saved me time and money.

Rhiannon is fast, professional and offers input which is brilliant.”

Jonathan Lea

“We have been working with Rhiannon since January 2019 and her support has been invaluable to our fast growing company. She has been great dealing with and helping us better manage our employees, contractors, suppliers and clients. We can trust her to diligently and resourcefully complete any task, while we have also benefited from her use of initiative and suggestions for improving our business.”

Roianne Nedd, Rocaro

“When I started looking for a virtual assistant I wasn’t even sure what I needed I just knew that I was overwhelmed and that I needed help. Rhiannon has a professional and calm demeanour which enables me to leave certain aspects of my business and life in her hands. She follows up and through without being pushy or intrusive and always offers practical solutions way beyond what I might even be considering. She has oodles of initiative and her approach is proactive rather than reactive. She is also warm and kind which is a huge bonus for a busy entrepreneur like me.

I’d be at a loss without Rhiannon.”

Sophia Soufiar, Qatar

“I needed help finding a suitable venue in the UK for my son’s Christening.  I had an idea what I was looking for, but to put a full list together with the details and actually getting it done was something I really needed Rhiannon’s help with.  She absolutely exceeded expectations when it came to those little details. “